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Tanyas first time 3.
Sweet Tanya playing around in her cotton panties, sucking cock and get a good fucking ending with her firm body covered in cum.

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Tanyas first time 2.
Second scene with cute little Tanya, you can see that she is enjoying her new porn star status and just play and smile while performing.

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Mees first time.
Mee is doing her best to try to learn to do deep throat blowjobs, but it is not easy to get used to sliding a big dick down the throat and she do a bit of vomiting in the process. She do actually a good job and the end result is a mouth full of cum.

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Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 1 of 5
Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

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Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 2 of 5
Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

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Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 3 of 5
Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

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Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 4 of 5
Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

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Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 5 of 5
Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

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Mams first time
Sweet horny little mams first movie experience, she try her best to be in control but she love to much to have a hard cock in her mouth and pussy. Tried to get her to swallow but she told that she had thrown up every time she got cum in her mouth so had to finish on her stomach.

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Nueng gives a good morning quickie and swallows 1
Sweet Nueng give me a nice deep morning blowjob with lots of tounge action, and off cause swallows it all with a smile like good girls are known to do. It is not part of the regular updates, just think that it would be a shame not to share it.

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Nueng teaches Lio to deep throat and swallow cum
Nueng thought that it was time for Lio to learn how to deep throat and not be scared of getting a load in her mouth and swallow like good girls do. She put much passion into trying to teach this inexperienced girl and I think she did a pretty good job considering this is Lios second time sucking cock.

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Lio Mee and Nueng enjoy the pool
This three girls really enjoy themselves in the pool. Do not contains any sex and it is not part of the regular update, I just thought it would be a waste not to upload it as I find it quite cute.

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yum gives good caring blowjob
One of the best blowjobs that I have gotten, with feelings, non stop and a smile with my sperm in her mouth in the end.

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Bums first time
My girlfriends school friend needed money to pay off the monthly payment on her motorbike. I would have been a hartless mean fucker not to help her out.

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Saturday 19th of April 2014
Big Pimp and I were on the prowl again for some ghetto sluts when we came across this torn up hoochie named Coco. She practically jumped at the opportunity when we offered to give her busted ass a makeover, so we rolled back to the studio and tricked her out. We tempted her with a part on our TV show, but first she had to let us sample a little bit of that black skank hole. Coco realized fast that fame don't come easy!
Friday 18th of April 2014
Carly Parker
This little cutie (literally) went bananas for our wild fuck toys as our first patient of the new year! We ran this sexy chiquita's hot twat through a marathon of metal monster cock! Watch pretty Carly get it on with our high voltage lovers in this one!
Thursday 17th of April 2014
Beverly Hills Ashley Jensen & Devon Lee
My girlfriend Devon and I were cuddling on the couch when I got an phone call from an old friend, Beverly, who was in town, without her boyfriend, due to an unexpected layover. As she approached our car at the airport I thought "Wow she looks good" just as Devon asked "Maybe we should seduce her?"
Wednesday 16th of April 2014
Angela Stone
Our Aussie bro was starving for sweet punani and pretty slut angela was his meat and potatoes! She was up for hot sex, but she'd kill a brother for cumming in her mouth! With some monster fucking (and HEAVY squirting) she changed her tune and tasted a bit of the ole outback!
Wednesday 16th of April 2014
Alex Divine - V2
We were out cruising for another white bitch to audition, and Tone spotted Alex's cute little ass from a mile away. Before long, Tone was ramming his thick black snake right down her throat, and she took every inch like the slutty little cocksucker she is. Wait til you see the load Tone dropped on this blonde bimbo's face!
Tuesday 15th of April 2014
Lindsay Kay
Lindsay Kay is on the hunt to be impressed, luckily she stumbled into our laps. When we pulled out our monstrous cocks, her jaw hit the floor. Which is what we hoped for! "Wrap those sexy lips around these giants cocks Lindsay and suck the life out of them!"
Monday 14th of April 2014
Syanne Simmons
A woman's panties can tell us a lot about her personality, and the moment we saw Syanne's we knew we were in for a MILF treat! A lacy leopard print pair let us know that she was sure to be an animal in bed. Tune in and find out for yourself just how purrrrfect the pussy of a mature women can be!
Sunday 13th of April 2014
Porkin' the Pussy PIe- V2
Bianca was a typical struggling student, working nights while earning her degree. As she was in dire financial straits, it didn't take much cash to coerce her into losing her top. The more money we gave, the more of a slut she became, and soon our cocks were as empty as our wallets!
Saturday 12th of April 2014
Angelica Lane
Angelica's husband is a broke fucker who owes his friend. His friend has come up with a more creative solution. Luckily Angelica doesn't mind getting fucked with a giant cock right in front of her loser hubby. It's the best sex she's had since getting married and loves taking a huge load all over her tits and face.
Friday 11th of April 2014
Chavon Taylor
Chavon had the hiccups and we had a sure cure.... about 10 inches of fat juicy man meat shoved down her throat... Ya, that should do it. She bobbed our knobs but we still weren't convinced that they were gone... Banging her beaver, battering her butt and busting a nut all over the buxom bitch.... Ya, that should the trick!
Thursday 10th of April 2014
Jordana James - V2
"I overheard that you guys are looking for a nanny!" said Jordana. Joe, husband: "We'd love to interview you! We could even do it at your house, while we're in town!" "That's perfect," said Jordana. "My parents are away for the weekend!"
Wednesday 09th of April 2014
Rio Mariah - V2
Hot summer days and even hotter women. Sit down grab a cold drìnk and watch as Mariah the big tit, phat ass Brazilian bombshell who will do anything to be on the "tele"! Enjoy as we make her a star on the jizz soaked canvas covered seat of our backseat!
Tuesday 08th of April 2014
Brandy Bates
They say that flattery will get you everywhere and we know just how true that is. We told Brandy that she'd be perfect for our modeling agency's beach shoot. So she got in our boat and learned that the only thing "main stream" about this photo op is her bikini just before we convince her to take it off!
Monday 07th of April 2014
Stephanie Wylde- V2
We were in the mood to eat out when we saw this hot mama sitting there waiting for someone to take her order. We stopped off at her table and put in an order to go. Once we got her back to the studio there was plenty of cock for her to gobble up and for dessert we gave her a face full of our homemade cream sauce. Don't miss out on this week's Eatable MILF! Bone a petite!
Monday 07th of April 2014
Paulina James
Paulina knew that she would learn alot of new things her freshman year of college but she never guessed that she'd be learning how to use a dildo or that her teacher would be her mother's long time friend! Our MILF is hungry and knows exactly were to find Paulinas lunch box. CUM and watch her chow down.
Sunday 06th of April 2014
Taylor Mason Jacniqua Lola Cait & Juan
It's an all out fuck fest! Don't pass it up, like you did in college. You won't believe your eyes!
Saturday 05th of April 2014
Cassidy Blue
Cassidy looks good and she knows it, so when we offered her a chance to audition for our line of lingerie she jumped at the opportunity to 'break into the business' and our cocks jumped at the chance to break into her! Once we saw her goods we said "fuck the competition" but what she'll soon find out is that, we did! And she's next!!!
Friday 04th of April 2014
Ms Platinum
Another ghetto adventure, pimpin' out black babes L.A. style! With a little makeup and a new dress Ms. Platinum is "feeling pretty." Ready and willing to do what it takes, she takes a hard hammering to her hot, horny hole before getting some of Lefty's creamy milk in the back of her throat!
Thursday 03rd of April 2014
Diana Prince
One clit piercing later and Diana's pretty pussy was deader than disco! Cold steel to the rescue as the good doc rolled out the mean machines to retool that tasty twat! Will the wild fuck toys save pretty Diana's comatose cunt? Tune in and find out!
Wednesday 02nd of April 2014
Jaelyn Fox Lexi Lamour & Memphis Monroe
What are a woman's top two favorite things to do? Go shopping and play with her dildos! Put them together and your gonna get some seriously good vibrations! Sexy Lexi and Memphis Monroe invited Jaelyn over for some home shopping.... where they can relax and thoroughly enjoy trying everything 'on'!!!
Wednesday 02nd of April 2014
Trina Michaels - V2
When D brought in this smokin blonde for an audition, the first thing we noticed were her nice big tits and fine little ass. It was her mouth that D will remember best though, especially the way she took his whole massive cock in it, no problem! Wait 'til you see the hµrting D puts on this tight white twat!
Tuesday 01st of April 2014
Cassidy Blue
Some say there is no accounting for tastes, and Cassidy was gonna taste some cock grog if we had anything to say about it! After a little persuasion with her tight little cunt on the end of my cock she opened wide and I gave big shot from my goo tube!! Watch her chug this down!
Monday 31st of March 2014
Alexa Benson
Being corn fed might make those midwestern guys strong and healthy but according to Alexa it doesn't affect their cock size. We got 'Ms. Illinois' back to our stable and showed her what it means to be hung like a horse. Her pussy was jockey sized compared to our stallions but she saddled up and let us ride her like racehorses.
Sunday 30th of March 2014
Roxie West- V2
What happens when you take two horny old bastards, a hot little ravishing vixen, a huge pile of money, and put them all in the same room together? We have the answer for you here on cuties for cash!! This week see how Roxie gets tricked into fucking the old geezers for a few greenbacks!
Saturday 29th of March 2014
Amber Rayne - V2
Amber's husband hasn't been putting out, and she is ready to take action. She contacted us, hoping that we'd motivate her husband to get it up and going. Our motto is 'a housewife in need should be done indeed!" Her husband isn't, but are you ready to watch us full-fill her?!!!
Friday 28th of March 2014
Vixen Vogel - V2
Braving the cold, the duo went huntin' for warm tight spaces to invade, and stumbled upon red-haired (and red hot) cutie Vixen! As things heated up they moved from that hot ginger minge to all things dark, tight and stinky and expanded Vixen's 'horizions'!
Thursday 27th of March 2014
Sammy Cruz - V2
"You don't have a boyfriend?" asked Michelle. "How long has it been since you've had sex?" "It's been at least a couple of months," said Sammie. "But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!"
Wednesday 26th of March 2014
Lindsey - V2
What honey couldn't use a free gyno exam in the back of a van? Lindsey didn't pass it up! Once the fingers were deep inside she just couldn't help but enjoy herself! With a little cash she was ready for some deep probing and nice squirt of jizz to top it off!
Tuesday 25th of March 2014
Scarlett Summers
Scarlett not wanting to be out done by her friend, takes a ride with the Bang Boat crew. While Florida is no longer the pirate haven it was once, we thought it prudent to shiver her timbers. Watch as Scarlett lets our stud plunder her Spanish Main.
Monday 24th of March 2014
Anna- V2
We went out in search of a new turbo boost for our car but ended up finding Anna! She's a super charged mom that left work to help us install our parts. She didn't mind us tooling around in her garage, in fact, once we got her motor running she too got down and dirty and ended up covered in our dick grease!
Monday 24th of March 2014
AVN Madness
It's showtime! You can't have this many pulse-pounding porno hotties in one place without getting into a gargantuan group fuck! Alexa Jordan, Ashli Orion, Kylee Reese, Lexi Lamour, Lexi Love, Sammie Rhodes couldn't wait to tongue-tease, finger-fuck and all but tear each other a new twat in an all porn star orgy sex party for the fucking century!
Sunday 23rd of March 2014
Hardcore Party Babes
No way these ghetto fucksluts made the cheerleading squad but they do know how to get a crowd going. Moving n' grooving to the beat of Jarrod's throbbing cock, Ryan's milkshake brings all the guys to the yard... and the more the crowd cheered them on, the harder and faster this hooch's drop, pop 'n roll gets!
Saturday 22nd of March 2014
Liv Wylder - V2
This pretty little waitress was cold and alone...but not for long! The squad warmed up her sexy curves with some heavy cock friction as their monster cocks filled her out like a term paper! Watch the Gang Bang Squad heat up another virgin with hot dong glue in this episode!
Friday 21st of March 2014
Krystal Wett
What better place to find a desperate ho in need of a makeover than in the beauty products aisle of the neighborhood market? Krystal was broke and couldn't afford much, so when we offered to trick her out she jumped at the opportunity. Krystal had no idea what she had gotten herself into, until the last drop of jizz landed on her chin, when she realized that she had just got pimped!
Thursday 20th of March 2014
Holly Morgan
With a fetish for all things cute and fluffy, pretty Holly came to us for a cure! Enter "The Deliverance"...A wild fuck toy sure to make her squeal! Will pretty Holly's tight little twat take the pounding? Tune in now and find out!

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