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Dear Guys and Girls,
Here you can see what have been updated lately. Besides these, there are TONS of stuff uploaded since 1998, with many more to come. Use the link on the bottom of this page to see all the movies.

Tanyas first time 3.

Sweet Tanya playing around in her cotton panties, sucking cock and get a good fucking ending with her firm body covered in cum.

Tanyas first time 2.

Second scene with cute little Tanya, you can see that she is enjoying her new porn star status and just play and smile while performing.

Mees first time.

Mee is doing her best to try to learn to do deep throat blowjobs, but it is not easy to get used to sliding a big dick down the throat and she do a bit of vomiting in the process. She do actually a good job and the end result is a mouth full of cum.

Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 1 of 5

Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 2 of 5

Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 3 of 5

Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 4 of 5

Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

Lio, Mee and Nueng plays strip poker part 5 of 5

Lio, Mee and Nueng volunteered to take a game of strip poker. They had a really good time and many laughers about it. The winner should get a good massage by the others, but it turned out all got a piece of the action and left happy.

Mams first time

Sweet horny little mams first movie experience, she try her best to be in control but she love to much to have a hard cock in her mouth and pussy. Tried to get her to swallow but she told that she had thrown up every time she got cum in her mouth so had to finish on her stomach.

Nueng gives a good morning quickie and swallows 1

Sweet Nueng give me a nice deep morning blowjob with lots of tounge action, and off cause swallows it all with a smile like good girls are known to do. It is not part of the regular updates, just think that it would be a shame not to share it.

Nueng teaches Lio to deep throat and swallow cum

Nueng thought that it was time for Lio to learn how to deep throat and not be scared of getting a load in her mouth and swallow like good girls do. She put much passion into trying to teach this inexperienced girl and I think she did a pretty good job considering this is Lios second time sucking cock.

Lio Mee and Nueng enjoy the pool

This three girls really enjoy themselves in the pool. Do not contains any sex and it is not part of the regular update, I just thought it would be a waste not to upload it as I find it quite cute.

yum gives good caring blowjob

One of the best blowjobs that I have gotten, with feelings, non stop and a smile with my sperm in her mouth in the end.

Bums first time

My girlfriends school friend needed money to pay off the monthly payment on her motorbike. I would have been a hartless mean fucker not to help her out.

Lios first taste of cum.

Sweet innocent Lio just 18 in her first time sucking cock. See the surprise in her face as I cum in her mouth but still she take it with a smile. Fantastic sweet girl with nice body eager to learn and please.

Nueng empties the balls for a friend in deep need.

One of our friends have not had a girlfriend for quite some time, so he was beginning to get frustrated. Nueng could not stand looking at his sad face anymore so she offered to give him a good deep throat blowjob if we could film it. She does a good job and swallows every drop.

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Tuesday 25th of November 2014
Lindsey - V2
Open wide, Lindsey! Our guys gave it to her hard and deep! She thought she'd be modeling a swimsuit, but when we crammed her holes with massive black poles, all she could do was scream in ecstasy! Anything bigger and we would've broken this poor chick's coot!

Monday 24th of November 2014
Scarlett Fay
On a pissy day, Scarlett has to cover for a slacker co-worker. But when a stripper-gram shows up, she takes the opportunity to drop the faxes, AND her skirt. She's accustomed to ram-rodding deals through, but now she's on the receiving end of the dick, so to speak. She's playing a different kind of hard-ball, and someone's got to crack this nut and ride this deal through to its climax!

Sunday 23rd of November 2014
Adriana Amante
Adriana convinced her short-dicked husband to let their dock workin' friend come over and play. Donny's got a fresh shipment of grade-A tubesteak, and unsatisfied housewife snatch is just the open port he's been lookin' for. Tempers flare as the longshoreman unloads his cargo-- on her face!

Saturday 22nd of November 2014
Lorena Sanchez - V2
"There's no way to replace what you broke," said Veronica. "I think we're going to have to tell your boss. There's nothing else we can do, unless...maybe you can take care of some of our other needs?" Lorena: "I've never done that before!"

Friday 21st of November 2014
Peyton Lafferty - V2
We found this sweet Skylar getting flowers for her mother, oh how thoughtful! Once her nose caught the smell of greenbacks we couldn't keep her out of the backseat! Face down and ass up this lady made her mama proud!

Thursday 20th of November 2014
Destiny St Claire
This sexy little slut wanted to take a boat ride, so we took her out on the open sea. We parted her tight pussy like the Red Sea, and pounded the shit out of it. Denise left us with a beat up pussy and a frosted face.

Wednesday 19th of November 2014
Anjelica Lauren - V2
Angelica was no angel, that's for sure. Even her own mom says she's a slut! We got this bagel eatting, New York accent, leg spreading slut to come back to the studio so we could fuck. She likes her sex like she likes her bagels, spread open, covered in cream and finger lickin' good! Don't miss out on this Trampy MILF!

Tuesday 18th of November 2014
Porntacular Poon Party
It's a dorm room party you wouldn't believe this week on College Wild Parties. The sluts are out, the booze is flowing, and the party soon turns into a horny fuck-fest! While two hot chicks are eating each other out, another is getting it from both ends on the bed, and the party-goers love watching every second.

Monday 17th of November 2014
Lexxi Rippa
Alexa liked using dildos, but was suprised to find that we had much bigger toys for her to play with! We had sexy Lexi help get Alexa acquainted with the alien probe then they moved to the bedroom to give the toolbox a try! Check out this high voltage machine fuckfest!

Monday 17th of November 2014
A Cougar & A Cub
Tiffany was interviewing for a position as busy mom Lexi's personal assistant. But Lexi was more interested in putting Tiffany in several different positions then filling her with Mr. Buzz-Buzz and Senor Strappy. She negotiated Tiffany's twat so good that lil' Tiff offered to work for free...once she caught her breath.

Sunday 16th of November 2014
Ashli Orion
There's either a full moon or Ashli is in heat, probably the latter. This honey has steam coming off of her and there'll be flames before this tale is told. No need to call the fire department though. When she gets too hot she squirts like a fire hydrant. Michelangelo would have loved to memorialize this ass in marble, but we're memorializing it here, in living color. Enjoy the ride!

Saturday 15th of November 2014
Jana Jordan & Madelyn Marie
Jana Jordan's new boyfriend "Mr. Biggs" is away on business and she wants her hot best friend Madelyn to drop by and scope out his digs to see if he's worth keeping. Upon finding his stash of vibrators they decide to skip the middle man and go straight into pleasing each others pussies for the first time.

Friday 14th of November 2014
Fayth Deluca
Horny housewife Fayth had been longing for Sledge's big black hammer ever since she saw his last video, so she convinced her husband to not only let her straddle Sledge's pound o' penis but to come along for the ride. The fact is some guys like to see their wives get banged by a HUGE BLACK COCK and some don't...but when Fayth clutches Sledge's massive meat for some interracial cock-chugging, her hubby no longer has a say in the matter!

Thursday 13th of November 2014
Sammy Cruz - V2
Hola! K-BUTT in the morning here and we had a trip to the Bahamas for one lucky ho, but what will pretty Sammie do for em? Slobberin' on knobs was easy but when schlong hit asshole there was a whole lotta moanin and groanin! Bon Voyage ya' sore-assed slut!

Wednesday 12th of November 2014
This sexy slut wanted to go for a ride on our boat. She found out that she would be riding more than one boat on this trip. Kandi loved having a big cock shoved up in her on the open sea!

Tuesday 11th of November 2014
Jennifer V2
This MILF picked us up if you can believe it! She was in town all alone on business and wanted to go site seeing! We showed her some sites that's for sure. We took her on a tour of the big titties and made sure she didn't miss any of the grand attractions, like our cocks up in that mom pussy! Don't miss out on this week's Traveling MILF!

Monday 10th of November 2014
Amber Rayne
Amber is desperate and will do anything to get her car fixed...including taking three mammoth black cocks in every hole! This tart of the triple penetration opens more than just her pocketbook for our intrepid squad of gangbanging mechanics. This sweet bitch damn near gets split open by two massive man-logs in a shocking DP that leaves her gaping!

Sunday 09th of November 2014
Rachel Starr & Maya Hills
Decked out in their vinyl and fishnets, horny hotties Rachel and Maya have done it all. So when we told them we had a HUGE COCK for them to share, they weren't impressed...at least not until they finally got a hold of it! These slattern sluts had to lube up the colossal cock with their mouths before working it slowly into their sweet swollen slits and riding it raw!

Saturday 08th of November 2014
Kylie Ireland
The only thing kinky Kylie Ireland likes better than a huge dick are FIVE huge dicks! Kylie is taken back to Gang Bang Squad HQ where she gets gang fucked by our group of hung black bangers. They pound this white bitch's sweet pink pussy until it is swollen shut and follow that up by dumping four huge loads of guy gravy all over her face!

Friday 07th of November 2014
Slutty Alumnae - V2
Sneakin' off to do deviant deeds is par for the course at wild college parties and this one is no different! Gorgeous Gianna pulls a co-ed cock wrangler off to a dark bedroom to help her with her Sex-Ed studies...and help her he does! He pounds her pulsating pussy until she learns her lesson in a screaming orgasm-filled study session!

Thursday 06th of November 2014
Sabrina Lewis V2
"19 is the perfect age." Lexi said before spreading saucy Sabrina's legs and diving her tongue into the teen's sweet shaved pussy. This may have been the first time Sabrina was seduced into a threesome, but judging by how she took Ethan's cock balls-deep into her throat and ate Lexi's pink slit like a sex-starved lesbo; we don't think it's going to be her last!

Wednesday 05th of November 2014
Cameron Love
Cutie Cameron Love agreed to have her daddy's SUV back before midnight, but at 11:55 she was still laid out in the back with her main-man Claudio. She told Claudio she needed to go home before her daddy got mad; but when Claudio pulled out his monstrous member, 18 year old Cameron spread her sweet pussy so Claudio would know that he was the only daddy that really mattered!

Tuesday 04th of November 2014
Who needs cock when you got 220 volts of pleasure between your legs! Hot slut Taylor met our machine and took it's large robotic dong deep and gave up some cum! Not bad for a plug-in lover!

Monday 03rd of November 2014
Lorena Sanchez & Dana DeArmond - HiDef
It's Lorena's birthday, so she decides to celebrate by tracking down some sweet piece of fresh female meat and turning the honey out with some first time, pussy licking, clit-rubbing, strap-on-dildo hammering lesbian sex! By the time Lorena finishes with lesbo virgin Dana, Dana may never go back to men again!

Monday 03rd of November 2014
Naomi Cruise & Zoe Matthews
Zoe was hungry for some sugar and spice so while her husband was at work and her son was in school she took her swollen snatch to the mall where she knew she'd find a hoochie to do the afternoon nookey. Sure enough, she conned a big eyed blond back to the pond, showed her a pink wand, then strapped it on.

Sunday 02nd of November 2014
Jacky Joy - V2
Sexy Jacky Joy says the pickins are slim in Pa so she's come west to see what she's been missing. One look at our Dicks and she was begging for some big black cocks to stretch her to the Max! Cum by and see how much she can take!

Saturday 01st of November 2014
Adrianna Angel
Like the song says, masturbation can be fine, BUT at some point a roving dick or two can be just what the doctor ordered. Apparently that's the case here. One look from Audrianna's icy blue eyes and things stir with the guys. The cocks come in at attention and are busy being done up real nice like in Audrianna's pretty little mouth. But she's just getting started and needs an express delivery of dick FAST. Hard pumping action is just around the corner!

Friday 31st of October 2014
Satine Phoenix
Myles loves finding other men to fuck his wife! Nothing gets him off like a strange dude servicing his lady, and this time he's got the perfect ringside seat! Our cameras capture all the action as musclebound John plows the lovely Satine into the mattress!

Thursday 30th of October 2014
Amy Amour - V2
Jack overheard his girlfriend and her friend Amy talking. Amy had brought up that her fantasy is two men at once and she has never tried anal. So Jack's girlfriend is out and Amy's sleeping on the couch - time to wake up to a fantasy fulfilled!

Wednesday 29th of October 2014
Naudia Marie- V2
Veronica: "You're messing around with a stripper? And you didn't include me?" Joe: "It's the chick from the club! It's just a lap dance!" Veronica: "She should give us more than just a dance for fifty bucks...she can't be that innocent!"

Wednesday 29th of October 2014
Trixxi - V2
We had to go deep into the hood and case several streets before we found 18 year old Trixxi. How do we pitch a hottie about a TV show makeover without getting our asses shot at? Money talks, and brown sugar walks. Matter of fact she walked all over my manhood because she knew her shit and all, but I fronted a little sumpthin' for her in the end.

Tuesday 28th of October 2014
Missy Blue - V2
We came across Missy while she was on her break puffing on her last cigarette. We gave her a ride to the store and before long she was puffing on us! Once the titty sucking started, it was all uphill from there. We went from licking to sucking to fucking, all while in the backseat!

Monday 27th of October 2014
This slut wanted to take a ride on our boat. We gave her a ride, a cock ride that is. We fucked this slut all across the open sea!

Sunday 26th of October 2014
Sandy Beach - HiDef
This gambling mom is addicted to trying her luck at the lottery and we just knew that she'd want to help us feed our addiction of fucking mom holes! We tapped her slot machine until we were sure we were winners and then shared our jackpots with her all over her face and ass! Don't miss out on this week's gambling MILF!

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